About Earth City Distributing.

Our History

Earth City Distributing was founded in 1975 by Carl Langendorf. Carl retired from Janitrol Heating and Air Conditioning in 1968, where he was National Sales Manager. At that time, Carl, along with his business associates, Ed Gaus and Len Scott of the Gaus-Scott Company, purchased the Yelton Supply Company, the Janitrol distributor and renamed the company Langendorf Supply (Division of Gaus-Scott). The company rented office/warehouse space in one of the few new buildings located in Earth City at that time. Seeing the potential in the Bard wall mount air conditioner, Carl sold the company in 1975 to his employees and started a sales rep company named Earth City Distributing. Carl and Len Scott were the only two employees and sold Empire gas unit heaters, grilles and registers, refrigeration supplies and Bard air conditioning products.

Carl pioneered the Bard wall mount units with the telecommunication industry, developing a counterflow configuration for the economizer for the industries unmanned direct digital equipment buildings. At one point Carl had sole responsibility for all telecommunication applications in the nation.

Today, Earth City Distributing not only pursues the Bard Wall Mount business, but is specializing in the vertical unit ventilator school market. Earth City is one of the largest distributors in the country marketing the Bard Q/Tec Water Source Heat Pumps. Since 2005, Earth City has placed the Q/Tec product in dozens of schools in Illinois and Missouri. This equipment is known for its quality, low sound level and efficiency. Earth City Distributing is known for its outstanding service.

To expand from the offering of Bard wall mount air conditioners and the Q/Tec line, Earth City Distributing is aggressively marketing complimentary products that focus on energy savings and clean air.

Seeing the market for Green Technology and the increased awareness of strong indoor air quality (IAQ), Earth City Distributing signed on to represent American Ultraviolet Company, a leader in germicidal lamp technology. AUV products destroy mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens that recirculate throughout an HVAC system. Improving the IAQ of a building, home or hospital is just plain smart. AUV products also aid in the beverage industry by keeping liquid storage tanks clean of mold buildup. Our customers include Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Vijon to name a few.

Today, Earth City continues to operate with one goal in mind: delivering quality products that increase IAQ and utilizing the highest ethical and moral standards.


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