Register & Grille

1 Aluminum construction, rustproof and only 40% weight versus steel.
2 Powder coated superior painted finish has frames protected by an easily removable polyfilm. Finishes include white, silver, bronze or mill. Check submittal drawing for availability.
3 Quality rollformed blades are designed for optimal performance, strength & appearance. Blades are easy adjusting, rattle-free & will not loosen due to our nylon pin mounting.
4 Solid extruded mullions are used to ensure a strong quality product on larger sizes.
5 Countersunk screw holes provide pleasing appearance and ease of installation.
6 Mechanically Locked Corners provide hairline joint.
7 One piece extruded register frame provides a superior quality product.
8 Sponge gaskets are provided on all supply grilles and registers to prevent streaking of walls or ceilings.
9 Our opposed blade damper features our nylon operator which is easily operated by any slender tool.


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