Qtec Series

4 Models to Choose From

  • QA  - Air Conditioning
  • QH  - Air - Air Heat Pump
  • QW - Water-To-Air Heat Pump
  • QC  - Chilled Water
In today's busy classroom, teachers are continually challenged to keep their students engaged in learning. Meeting the challenge requires a physical environment that is quiet, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed to be installed inside the classroom, the QTEC is a self-contained unit engineered to fully address these requirements with unprecedented performance and true cost savings.

"Whisper Quiet" Technology

Utilizing innovative materials and components, the QTEC is designed for "whisper quiet" operation. A special "soft start/stop" ECM variable speed motor combined with advanced sound-absorbing insulation materials, create the quietest heat pump system available today.

Total Comfort

The QTEC provides total comfort through innovative design and engineering, offering a variety of ventilation options, including an integrated energy recovery ventilator, to address the indoor air quality requirements of your project. And the supply air can be introduced through either a ceiling plenum or a ducted system for optimized air circulation and maximized occupancy comfort. For additional comfort, a special dehumidification circuit can be specified and used with the humidistat climate control option.

Optimized Aesthetics

Suitable for both new and renovation projects, the QTEC system provides true design flexibility while optimizing aesthetics both inside and outside the building.

Inside the classroom, the QTEC unit features a choice of two attractive finishes: A standard gray painted finish or a two tone slate/platinum vinyl laminated finish. The unit's small footprint requires less that 1% of available floor space in the average classroom, providing greater flexibility for placement with the room.

Unprecedented Performance

Available in four Air-to-Air and Water-to-Air models, the QTEC meets indoor air quality requirements while operating at efficiency levels up to 20% above federal standards. As a totally self-contained unit, the QTEC provides independent, individual room control, thereby eliminating the need for a central duct system connection.

True Cost Savings

With operating efficiency levels above the federal standard, the QTEC provides proven cost savings. Using a common sense approach to functional design, each unit is built on heavy-duty permanent rollers to help make installation and servicing fast and simple.

For added installation ease, the QTEC features simplified electrical and drainage hook-ups, thus eliminating the expense and potential for error.

Superior Craftsmanship/ Quiet Technology

Special sound-deadening insulation material in compressor section minimizes sound levels.

Copeland scroll compressor is designed for efficiency and quieter operation with reduced shutdown noise and improved reliability for a longer life. Additionally, a compressor time delay relay optimizes longevity.

QTEC features stainless steel drain pans for long life and high reliability.

Wall sleeve is constructed of 16-gauge galvanized steel, coated with epoxy primer and baked-on enamel paint.

Totally enclosed condenser motor with double oil reservoir enhances reliability and longevity.

Optimized Efficiencies

Optional energy recovery ventilator provides up to 450 cfm of outside air and exhaust through the unit while maintaining indoor comfort and humidity levels.

Grooved copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins provide maximum heat transfer and high energy efficiency levels.

Security/Safety Benefits

Circuit Breaker/Rotary Disconnect access door with locking feature secures against unauthorized entry.

Tamper resistant fasteners help ensure safety and security.

All factory installed back-up electric heat strips feature automatic limit controls for added safety.


Hinged, lockable service door provides easy access to air filters and primary electrical controls.

Diagnostic service light located inside the control panel indicates high or low pressure control operation for compressor protection.

Optional vinyl coated steel affords extra resistance against scratching and marring.

Heavy duty rollers provide easy installation and removal from the wall sleeve for additional service access.


  • QH - Air to Air Heat Pump
  • QW - Water to Air Heat Pump
  • QC - Chilled Water Air Conditioner
  • QA - Air Conditioner with Electric Heat Strips
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