Residential GeoThermal Units

Bard GeoTrio

Bard Geo-Trio
The Bard Geo-Trio Geothermal/Water Source Packaged Heat Pump delivers economical year-round comfort by utilizing nature's most abundant and efficient solar energy collector - the earth.  The GeoTec heat pump is designed for low water flow rates and offers cooling efficiencies up to 29.1 EER and heating efficiences up to 4.8 COP.
All units are shipped prewired and precharged for fast, easy installation in residential or commercial buildings.  
Three separate sections - A Coil, Blower, and Compressor section ship separately and easily assemble in the field.  Sections can be configured for horizontal right or left throw or vertical up or down flow depending on best application.  The Blower and A Coil sections can be remotely mounted in attics or crawl spaces providing horizontal right or left opportunities. 


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