Residential Geothermal Units

Since 1981
Since the early 1980s, Bard has been on the leading edge of the design and manufacturing of geothermal heat pumps, providing smart consumers with a safe and renewable source to heat and cool their homes. The Bard GeoTec is equipped with a 2 stage compressor that increases the efficiency of the unit saving four to five times more energy than it consumes. Adding an optional pump module will utilize the built in domestic hot water heat exchanger.
Bard is the first to design a multi-component geothermal unit. The Geo-Trio’s three main parts, A-Coil, Blower, Compressor, are each self contained. When installed, the units lock together. The end result is one solid unit. The GeoTrio is truly the most versatile system on the market. The three sections can be installed in a vertical or horizontal configuration with right or left, up or down airflow. The unit can be placed almost anywhere, from an attic to a crawl space. The Bard GeoTrio can reach efficiencies as high as 30 EER in cooling mode and over 6.0 in heating mode. See the versatility for yourself.


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